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Why the Washington Polytechnic Institute has a Wolverine Mascott

The Wolverine was extinct in Washington State and is now making a tremendous comeback.  They have traveled south from Canada and have begun to recolonize their native habitat in Washington State high snowy woodlands.


The Wolverine is a carnivore and largest member of the Weasel family with some specimens up to 45 pounds.  Pound-per-pound one of the most ferocious, independent, hardy, nimble, clever, and determined animals in Washington State.


Shawn Sartorius, a wildlife biologist based in Helena, Montana, for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided an excellent quote on how the Wolverine challenges itself as follows:


Wolverines “are the superheroes of the animal world … when you follow the tracks of these things, you see they are not taking the easy way around; they will go straight over mountaintops, craggy peaks, the rockiest, steepest, cliffiest place; they will go right over that in the middle of winter, at night.”


The Wolverine’s impressive characteristics compliment the Washington Polytechnic Institute motto: “Challenge Yourself.”  In short, the Wolverine challenges itself every-moment of every-day.

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